$10 Mother’s/Father’s Day Gift Idea
Written by on Monday, May 5th, 2014

Looking for something heartfelt and inexpensive to give as a Mother’s or Father’s Day gift?

For only $10, a little printer ink and a bit of your time,

you can create a keepsake Mom or Dad will enjoy for years to come!

First, gather the kids or grand kids to help you create a couple of photos featuring alphabet letters.

(If you only have one child to work with, you may have to create your photo in stages,

merging the pieces together in your computer’s photo program)

Grab a step ladder, digital camera and any props to accent your photo with.

Position the kids into the letter “M” (or “D”) and take a photo (of them) from the top of your step ladder.


Then, position them into the letter “O” (or “A”) and take a 2nd photo.

(I love the idea of a heart-shaped “O”!)


Purchase a Photo Night Light.

Energizer makes one and I found it in the lighting accessories aisle, at Target for only $10

(also check Home Depot, Lowes, etc.)

target aisle

Because they come with interchangeable panels, you can use a photo instead.

target aisle_closeup

Measure the interchangeable panel so you can create a (same-size) template box in your computer’s photo program.

(I used Power Point and created a 4″ x 3″ box)

Into the box, insert the “M” photo, then the “O” photo

and finally, the “M” photo again to spell the word – MOM.

s_full photo

You will have to re-size all 3 photos (smaller) so they will fit side-by-side.

Doing this will leave extra (background) space,

which you can fill with your sentiment and a pattern or simple shapes, like hearts.

s_project final

Print your completed photo project, on “draft” first (to save ink), and trim

(the same size as your nightlight template)

to be sure everything lines up inside the nightlight frame and you can see all of the letters.

Once you are sure it fits correctly,

print it out in full ink on quality or photo paper, trim it, and

insert it into your nightlight frame, according to the directions provided on the nightlight.

Surely Mom (or Dad) will have trouble deciding which room to use it in

as a daily reminder of their family’s love.


For an alternative to this nightlight project, you can also consider a larger version, to be framed,

for Mom to set out or hang on the wall.




  1. Diana says:

    LOVE this idea ! To bad it doesn’t smell too

  2. Marcia Goss says:

    Love those night lights. How cute they would be in grandson’s bedroom with a TRUCKFFF on one. That’s how he says truck with an F at the end!

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