Create a Patriotic PLAY-station for your July 4th party!
Written by on Friday, June 20th, 2014

When you gather for your July 4th celebration,

you set-up tables for Food, Drinks & Eating… right?

But, when it’s time to play games or light fireworks,

do you sometimes find yourself running around, looking for the pieces & parts,

so the fun can begin?

Then, here’s a great suggestion…

create a “PLAY-station” table for all of the FUN activities too, like

Yard Game Accessories

Sparklers (and a candle or lighter)

a “quick drink” like…

Refreshing Cucumber (slice)-infused Ice Water, and Cups

and a few decorations too, of course! ;-D

s_table closeup

Lay out everything on a table size that fits your quantity of game accessories & fireworks.

Include a simple beverage (like water) as a 2nd place for your guests to refresh themselves.

Having a separate area, away from all the food, creates easy-access entertainment for anyone

who wants to play games or participate in the fun of fireworks.

Also, because a July 4th celebration typically goes on well into the night, don’t forget to look for ways to light-up the table.

Start with a centerpiece!

Check out this easy D.I.Y. solar-powered sparkly, patriotic centerpiece.


I found almost everything (to create it) at the Dollar Store:

Red, Cylinder-shape, Metal Container ($1)


Bag of Sand ($1)

(Please use your imagination here because I had an airhead moment &

forgot to take a photo of this before putting it in the container}

Piece of styrofoam ($1)


3-pack of Plastic, Red, White & Blue Pinwheels ($1)

s_mini pinwheels

5 Metallic Red, White & Blue Pinwheel Tops ($5)

Here’s how those look (front & back), once you remove them from their display stakes:

s_pinwheels 2

3 solar-powered Red, White & Blue yard stake lights

to create additional lighting at the PLAY-station ($3)

s_solar stakes


1 (2-foot) Sparkler Spray (Hobby Lobby @ 40% off = $3.60)

{I just had to include this… it looks like fireworks!}


TOTAL:  $15.60

Here’s the DIY instructions:

1)  Place the sand inside cylinder container (for stability).

2)  Place the metal container, upside down, on top of the styrofoam & trace around it.

3)  Cut-out the styrofoam circle (using a dull knife) and place it inside the top of your container.


{The styrofoam circle will be slightly larger than the cylinder opening,

so you will need to use a little force to push it into the container opening.

But, because of its tight fit, the styrofoam will stay in place, near the top of the container,

giving you a surface area to insert more decorations}


4)  Place the large Sparkler Spray in the center of the styrofoam & push it in so the stem can no longer be seen.

5)  Remove the metallic pinwheels from their (display) sticks and push them into the styrofoam,

facing outward & side-by-side, apx. 2″ from the outside edge.

6)  Although all of that would be enough, I also had a 3-pack of smaller red, white & blue

pinwheels so I tucked them in between the Sparkler Spray & metallic pinwheels tops.

7) Between the Sparkler Spray and the pinwheels, push-in the 3 solar-powered patriotic stake lights,

spacing them equally apart.

Here’s a close-up photo of the assembly, in progress, to help guide you:



For even more lighting at my PLAY-station,

I replaced the votive candle holders (normally inside this outdoor candelier) with 3 battery-operated, lighted, paper lanterns.


At the dollar store, you will also find a 2-pack of red & blue bandannas.


These not only make great napkins for your guests to use, while eating,

but are also great for adding patriotic spirit to drink containers…

s_water dispenser

and puppies! LOL


Also add your fireworks as well as a candle and/or lighter to the table…


Any yard game accessories…

s_yard accessories2

and a refreshing container of water…


your Patriotic Centerpiece, a paper garland and light-up paper lanterns are the final touches

to ready your Patriotic PLAY-station for the big celebration!

s_full 1

HAPPY 4th!


P.S.  Don’t forget to check out my previous “Patriotic” posts,

under the PATRIOTIC HOLIDAYS Category (located on the HOME PAGE)!

s_night view


  1. linda says:

    Hi Eileen, As always everything looks great. Love the centerpiece. Your puppy is so cute too!

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Linda and thank you for always taking the time to leave a nice comment. Lilly appreciated it too! ♥ Happy 4th! Eileen

  2. Lisa Wekenborg says:

    Thanks for the ideas! I always look forward to these!

  3. Thank you so much, Eileen, for the fun seasonal ideas you give to us. Love them all. I will happily be sharing with our readers.


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