Personalized Birthday Keepsake
Written by on Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Recently, one of my BFF’s asked for my help setting up the dessert & party favor bar for her granddaughter’s 2nd birthday… FUN!

She wanted to feature some nature elements, to compliment her granddaughter’s favorite animal in nature…. an Owl!

Her inspiration – a super-cute Owl foamy shape from Hobby Lobby:


Only $1.27 (BEFORE coupon) & 76 cents (AFTER coupon)!

owl label

She also asked if I could create something (to display at the birthday party) that afterwards, would become a keepsake for her granddaughter.

EASY!  And here’s how I did it….

Beginning with a white, 16″ x 20″ canvas, purchased on sale for $3,

I laid out a design, using colors to compliment her foam owl and

painted the area (of the canvas), where I’d be spelling out “Who’s 2”, in “Pink Blossom” (59 cent acrylic paint from WalMart)

and let it dry thoroughly.


Once dry, I placed about 50 cents worth of removable, self-adhesive alpha letters and the number “2”, over the pink painted area:

s_alpha sticker apply

and spray painted 2 primer coats of flat white paint over the self-adhesive number & letters:

s_white paint_coat 1     s_white paint_coat 2

Once that was completely dry, I painted the entire canvas again… this time in Design Master’s Satin Spray paint (#780, Perfect Pink)

[$3.50, after coupon @ Michael’s Craft Store -or- on line]

s_pink paint

After that dried, I peeled off the self-adhesive alpha letters & number to reveal the “Who’s 2”, in hot pink:

s_alpha stickers removed

Next, I free-painted dots (using the handle end of my paint brush, dipped in paint),

a brown branch and glued the foam Owl to the canvas, perched above the branch.

The final steps: cutting-up a single piece of striped, scrapbook paper (50 cents) into 6 triangles and gluing them to the canvas,

(below the branch) to create a banner.

Add (75 cents worth of) alpha letters, to the banner, spelling out her granddaughter’s name.

The final touch, a (10 cent) length of ribbon, tied in a girly ribbon bow accent for the owl.

Here’s the finished project:


For around $10, it turned out super-cute

and was the perfect, personalized birthday accent, displayed next to a lantern of battery-operated candles,

a ceramic owl & some topiaries (with bows to match the art keepsake),

all of which added that touch of nature she wanted:

s_counter end


Also on the bar, we added some candies as well as little (owl) candy boxes

so her guests could fill them up with a take-home treat at the end of the party:

s_candy bar in use

And here’s another fun tip…. did you notice those flower balloons?  She hired a balloon artist for the party!

s_balloon lady

This party was extra special and

everyone commented on the birthday girl’s keepsake, which made it even more memorable!s_bd girl

Afterwards, another Mom requested a similar keepsake art, with her daughter’s name only.

Here’s how that version turned out:

s_name version

Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. robin wells says:

    Hi Eileen

    I always enjoy all of your creative ideas – this Owl Themed party was especially cute. Loved all the ideas for David’s wedding and reception at your home. Hope you and Ron are well. Take Care, Robin

  2. Katherine says:

    Sooooo cute and pretty!

  3. Cookie17 says:

    great job on this one such great talent you have ..Thanks’ one day hope have girl grandbaby..Woot Woot Thank’s again Cookie

  4. Debbie Taylor says:

    Wonderful!! What a creative and beautiful keepsake.

  5. Patty Lyda says:

    Wow! I never imagined it would be THIS cute!! You’re creativity was working overtime!!

  6. Wanda says:

    WOW Eileen
    I love this great ideal you have and it is so pretty keep these wonderful ideals coming! just loooove it!!!!!

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