Baby Shower Ideas
Written by on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

It can be exciting to host a baby shower, BUT

coming up with budget-friendly ideas for food, games, decorations and party favors is work!

I just co-hosted one

and here’s some of the ideas I came up with for…


I have 3 tips to help you keep things simple & budget-friendly…

(1) Choose color(s) as your main theme!

If you look at the pre-packaged, themed party accessories (in stores)

although adorable, you’re likely to spend a lot of unnecessary money and end up with products you don’t need (afterwards).

Instead, let “Color” be your theme (ours was baby blue & yellow) and…

(2)  Utilize what you have as accents!

If you look on baby store websites, you’ll see that most of us already have items matching the current baby themes.

So, look through your own home & check with family & friends to see what child-themed toys they have to loan you.

Need ideas?  Here’s a few suggestions:

1)  gather pop culture figurines (even Grandma probably has a Mickey lying around… LOL), art, etc.

2) teddy bears.  They can all be different… just bow them all using the same ribbon

3)  spray paint inexpensive animal or bug figurines the same color

4)  clean existing toy vehicles & use dump trucks to serve food from.

Place these items anywhere you need a little hint of “baby” decor at the shower.

At our shower, I created a centerpiece for the food bar by using

an over-sized yellow rubber duckie I bought for my Mom a while ago (don’t ask! lol).

Adding “It’s a Boy” ribbon to the duck’s hat, a coordinating blue, polka-dotted ribbon around his neck

and then, placing him on my aqua cake plate created the illusion of him floating in water… simple, easy & adorable!

Cost – $1.00 (for the ribbons)


3)  Simple Decorating!

I love these paper lanterns because they are:  inexpensive, easy & fast to assemble and re-usable.

And, they’re super simple to hang, using clear push pins.


Once you choose a party theme “color”, buy some generic-patterned paper lanterns in that/those colors

with just 1 that has a pattern reflecting a baby theme (see the baby feet printed one).

That way, you can re-use the generic ones ANYtime you have a party where that color fits! 🙂

Cost:  $12.00


Food can be dual-purpose – eating AND decorating!

With a little imagination, you’d be surprised at how many foods can be easily carved into a baby theme.

As an example, I used a knife to remove the top 2/3rds of a watermelon to create the shape of a baby buggy.


Next, I used a melon ball tool to scoop out the remaining watermelon (in ball shapes) AND create a scalloped edge around the edge of the remaining top portion…


Next, I placed long, wooden BBQ skewers through the width of the watermelon rind – 1 through the front & 1 through the back

(sorry, I forgot to take a photo of this step) 🙁

and placed an orange slice & grape on each (exposed) end of the skewers, creating a total of 4 buggy wheels.

Finally, I added a spoon, the (previously scooped) watermelon balls, strawberries, blueberries & grapes, back into the rind,

to create a yummy fruit salad with a baby buggy theme!


Instead of an expensive baby cake, I asked the expecting couple which of my dessert recipes they like the most.

They chose my Oatmeal Fudge and Lemon Bars (recipes located in my RECIPE category) so I made those instead of cake

and almost every single one was gone by the end of the shower.

[check out the $1 “H” I found at Michaels’ Craft Store & used in the center of the dessert plate to represent the baby’s 1st name… soo useful, post-shower!]

s_LEMON BARS     s_fudgies


Play the Unexpected!

I’m sure everyone reading this post has experienced the typical baby shower games, right?

For our shower, I revamped some games from my own family’s annual Holiday Family Fun Night:

Paper Plate Drawing Game

(Instead of a Fireplace & Christmas Tree scene, our guests drew a Tropical Island scene)

and as always, this game was HUGE hit with everyone!

s_plate game

Look at how serious they all look… concentrating & trying to draw their very best! LOL

Here’s the game instructions (click to enlarge a printable version):

s_plate art directions

Cookie Face Race Game

Our guests also LOVED the competitiveness of this game…

Instead of a Christmas Gingerbread Cookie, our guests used their facial muscles (only!)

to move an Animal Cracker cookie from their forehead to their mouth.

When you have as many people playing as we did, it’s easier if you have semi-final races in groups of 5 or so

and then, have a final race with the winner of each semi-final.

s_cookie face race

As you can see, this baby shower was co-ed, so I made sure the prize tub was something either gender would like…

s_prize winner


Last but not least, I handed each of our guests a (lottery style) scratch-off ticket:


I found these at Party City  for $1.99 and each package contains 12 tickets and has a single winner.

Every time I heard one of our guests yell out “I won!”,

I traded their baby Scratch & Win winning ticket for a “real” $1 Lottery Scratch-off.

They were super happy & surprised!!


I think this take-home party favor idea one of the biggest hits at the shower!

I set-up a Candy Bar, some baggies & scoops (dollar store ice cream scoops) near the food

to make sure every guest saw it and my homemade sign.

After most of our guests had left, I suddenly realized I had forgotten to invite everyone to help themselves.

But, guess what?

The way I could tell it was a HUGE hit with our guests is because, when I finally went back to the candy bar, the jars were nearly cleaned out… ahhh, success!


I hope these ideas are helpful, if you or someone you know is planning a shower soon.




  1. Cookie17 says:

    These are great idea’s I like showers but some are boring
    but these idea’s sound good Thank’s

  2. Awesome. You are such an amazing person for organizing this baby shower. You have done a very great job because everything turned out so nice. These ideas are so fantastic. I’ll be hosting a baby shower next week and this one is perfect for that special occasion.

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