Welcome Fall Picnic Tradition – 2014
Written by on Monday, October 20th, 2014

It’s that time of year again… FALL!

And when I asked my neighbors (Emme & Gretta) if they were ready to retire our annual tradition, the…

“Welcome Fall Picnic”

I was sure they would both say “yes”.

But instead, they both said “NOOOOO WAY”!

(secretly… I was thrilled!) 😉

So, I quickly pulled a menu & activities together for us all to enjoy.

We’ve held our annual picnic in The Seasonal Home’s

front yard, back yard & even on the front porch.

[Below are some photos from last year’s]

s_picnic area 2   s_vase assembly_emme n gretta   s_gretta_spider game   s_gifts

[Also, check out the ideas & details from previous years, located under my FALL category on The Seasonal Home’sHOME Page.]

This year, the girls decided it should be a brunch inside.

And because I’ve been super busy lately, I kept the decorations simple –

Dollar Store paper leaves hanging from the chandelier.


And a simple menu too: homemade French Toast

s_french toast

I found some fun cup clings for $1 (at Dollar General), so everyone decorated their own cup

AND chose their favorite drink…. Apple Cider, OJ or Milk


Because we celebrate ALL of Fall’s Special Days (Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving) during the picnic,

I pulled out some of my Thanksgiving crackers

pumpkin crackers

Ltd. supply in The Seasonal Home’s STORE

and everyone had so much fun

reading the turkey jokes inside, wearing the paper crowns & adding the trinkets into our craft project!

s_gretta n cracker

After our yummy breakfast, we began creating Fall or Halloween houses on my latest find… re-usable, plastic candy cottage forms.

gingerbread house_back

Ltd. quantity available in The Seasonal Home’s store

We loved it that we could use regular frosting to decorate our cottages…

s_frosting house 1

AND that we will be able to re-use them on future holidays.

But, we also realized that they should be placed in the freezer (to harden) for a few minutes

after applying decorations to each side.

We learned this the hard way when Ashley (Baby Henry’s Mommy!) created a nice neat layer of frosting & skeleton family candies

s_ash decorating house     s_house in progress

only to have them slightly slide.

The good news:  we LOVED the new SPOOKY & GHOSTLY design her happy accident created! LOL

s_house closeup ash

And here’s the end result of everyone’s creativity…

s_house full 1

We also tried our hand at making caramel apples

by melting a package of (unwrapped) caramels (on low) with 3/4 cup of Half & Half,

rolling a few of them in chopped pecans, coconut and/or chocolate chips

and letting them harden on a buttered piece of waxed paper.

In no time at all, they were cooled & ready to eat!

s_caramel apples

Last, but not least… I always give the girls little boxes with inexpensive Fall treats in them.

This year, I found glow-in-the-dark strips (to apply to their Halloween costumes),

Halloween stick-ons (for their nails),

a Cadbury “Halloween Egg”

and a small music gift card.

Our cottages & apples weren’t perfect, but

we had creative fun and made another year of memories during our day together!


Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. robin wells says:

    Hi Eileen loved all the ideas – is the Pergola in your backyard? I’ve been wanting one just like that – was it a kit?

    Happy Holidays, Robin

  2. Katherine says:

    I’ve been looking all over for those candy corn trees! Love your decor, Eileen! P.S. congratulations on your sweet grandson!

  3. Joyce says:

    Looks like everyone had fun making their houses, great job.
    On your mantel you have a tree on each side, where did you get them or did you make them? Thanks for sharing,


    • Eileen says:

      Hi Joyce, Thanks! Those candy corn cone trees are by Pacific Rim, which unfortunately went out of business a few years ago. They would be super easy to create by gluing real candy corn to a styrofoam cone & coating it with a sealant spray to preserve it. I will send you a closeup of the layout design for you to copy.
      Have fun creating!

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