Creative Gift for a Thanksgiving Host
Written by on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Have you ever thought about putting together a nice gift for someone hosting…

their very first Thanksgiving dinner,

a Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in their new home,

an out-of-town celebration where your grown child will be spending Thanksgiving day


for a very close friend, relative or neighbor, hosting their own Thanksgiving celebration?

I have a niece, who lives on the other side of the country (from me), and she will be hosting her family in her very first home.

I’m super excited for her and planned to give her a house-warming gift anyway, so Thanksgiving was the perfect opportunity

to mail her a “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” box of love!

In the box, I included several Thanksgiving Hosting goodies, including one that will help her make memories…

Set of Thanksgiving Crackers (pull the ends for a “pop” and some hidden surprises!)**

Pilgrim Salt & Pepper Shakers

Package of 20 Fall Paper Napkins

Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa

Bag of Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Acorn-shaped bowl & Spoon

Honey Apple Pecan Dip Mix

Fall Leaf Table Runner, Permanent Fine Tip Markers & Instructions for a Thanksgiving Tradition.

**There is a limited amount of these available in my store.

s_thanksgiving basket 2

The tradition (included with the Fall Leaf Table Runner) creates annual memories for a family and

I think the following instructions will best explain how it works

  This is a Family tradition for Thanksgiving (or any holiday) that will bring tons of memories rushing back each year that it’s brought out… AND it’s simple to do.

To begin:  set your table, including this cloth runner and place permanent pens on the table where your guests can reach them.

Encourage family and guests to write a personal note on the table runner, including their name & the year (next to the note).

Suggest that they write:

As the messages accumulate every year – you, your family and invited guests will thoroughly enjoy re-visiting their past notes as they each add a new one for the current year.

The written notes on your Thanksgiving table runner will become a heartwarming time capsule and

treasured keepsake that everyone will enjoy revisiting every year.

I am super excited for my niece to receive her box of “love” and am having too much fun imagining her joy as she looks through it all.

It will be fun to see a photo of her first Thanksgiving celebration but more importantly, I hope she enjoys making memories in her new home. 🙂

Enjoy the Creativity!



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