Valentine Kisses & Hugs (D.I.Y. Decor & Gift Idea!)
Written by on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed….

I love to use styrofoam sheets when I need to create a whimsical shape or as a base for holiday decor.

Past Project Examples:

     ss__full val  s_Front Door_Della Robbia Fruit Arch  s_front door_side  ss_bunnys_side view

So, when the nice folks at asked if they could send me some of their

FloraCraft® Make It Fun® Foam Sheets to develop a wall art project,

can you guess what my answer was? ha ha

I chose to create a Super-sized Valentine’s Day design and below are the details, product info,

measurements, instructions, how it turned out and a BONUS gift suggestion too!

It’s a simple D.I.Y. project featuring “X” and “O” (symbols for Kisses & Hugs) patterns

made out of newspaper or any large paper you have on hand.

I used the handy packing paper that came inside the box of Make It: Fun Foam®… recycle! 😉

s_pattern_X and O

Once I created my “X” and “O” patterns, I laid them out on the Make It: Fun Foam® sheets & traced around them (using a pencil).

And to save you the effort, I measured the pieces & parts of my completed pattern and am sharing those details below:

s_X and O trace

Next, remove the patterns and cut-out your “X”s and “O”s!

s_floracraft cutter & candy

FloraCraft’s® also sent me their very cool Styro Cutter® Plus Carving Tool (as well as a nice jar of cutting fuel too!),

but if this tool is not in your budget right now, you can also use a dull metal knife or spatula (like a frosting knife)

and put the leftover pieces to work (as a file)

to smooth out the edges of your finished designs.

s_X and O cut out

Last, but not least, choose what color(s) you’d like to paint your designs

and spray paint them outside, in a well ventilated area, using old newspaper to protect your surface.

Perfect Pink and Carnation Red are the colors I chose because I love mixing red & pink for Valentine’s Day,

but  purple & pink or 2 shades of each would look great too.

[IMO, Design Master is the best paint to use – to avoid product shrinkage, be sure to follow painting directions carefully]

X and O paint colors

I also found an incredibly cute, perfectly (color) matched & budget-friendly Valentine decoration

at Wal-Mart for only .98 cents… a Heart Garland!

Helpful Hint: You’ll have to thread the cording through the hearts yourself, for proper hanging,

so add a piece of scotch tape to one end of the cording to make it easier & to avoid fraying.

s_valentine banner        s_valentine banner_taped end

I recycled a few decorations to help me create the rest of my Valentine’s Day design.

Remember my white Lanterns?

s_LR_lantern topper   s_lanterns_view left   s_card holder

& shiny red pillar candle holders (by the way, these were a Goodwill find)?

   S_fr_fireplace mantel   s_Fr_access   s_FR_mantel

I stacked the pillar candle holders inside the white lanterns,

topped each of them with one of the hearts from the banner

and added a few conversation hearts in the bottom ~

s_candlestick and candies

The final details ~

some cool, pink & red chevron print ribbon (from Michael’s Crafts), wrapped around my mantel using tape to keep it in place,

s_Mantel_side view

These would also be cute in 2 planters (outside the front door), in your garden (on sticks) or temporarily attached to a set of shutters (using Command velcro strips)

rose heart wreath and BE MINE sign I already had

and a gift for my Valentine (more details about that below).

Here’s my finished, super-sized expression of LOVE…

s_full 4_side view

After decades of Valentine’s Day celebrations together, my Hubby and I buy each other thoughtfully practical gifts these days

and I’m excited over what I found for him this year!

He’s British-born, so it’s in his DNA to enjoy a spot ‘o tea (and coffee),

but I want him to drink out of the safest mugs possible.

So, I’ve been hunting for White, Bone China mugs, with generous handle openings, for his man-fingers,

and found 2 (at HomeGoods – $4.99 each) that had the cutest sayings on them (awwww).

And BONUS ~ they were made in Great Britain.. woo hoo… mission totally accomplished!

I also added in some dark chocolate, tea, coffee & honey sticks (portable honey servings)

s_mugs gift 1

popped them into this perfectly-sized box (also found @ Wal-mart), added a bow and homemade gift tag.

The gift tag features a photo from our wedding day that I scanned into my computer

& printed out in Black & White with an added red heart graphic & sentiment.

I “heart” this idea of a much more personal touch over a store-bought card.

(BTW,  feel free to giggle at my giant, bell-shaped wedding gown. LOL)

s_gift_closeup 1

So, the “signs” of LOVE are on display at The Seasonal Home and we’re ready for the season of hearts;

I even set up a fun, little cookie jar & cupcake display in the kitchen!

valentine display

Happy Valentine’s Day and…

Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. Sandy Placek says:

    Thank you, Eileen, for the beautiful Valentine ideas. I will try them. My son’s birthday is Feb. 14.


  2. Sherry Blackburn says:

    I absolutely love your site and your decorations!!! I’ve got some awesome ideas that I can’t wait to use. Thank you so much!! Sherry

  3. Robin Wells says:

    Your ideas are always so timely – gets me moving to decorate. Love them all.

  4. Nancy Poll says:

    Hi Eileen!

    Your sister sent this to me. I love holiday decorating and always have. You had some great Christmas ideas and now Valentine’s Day decor. I can hardly wait to see what you do for Easter!

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