Affordable Easter Decor… using Dollar Store Candy
Written by on Monday, March 16th, 2015

There is a gold mine of Easter decor waiting for you in your local dollar store,

and not in the decor section, but in the “CANDY” aisle!

Check out some of the goodies I bought home to experiment with…


In the end, I mixed & matched about $6 of the candy to create several different looks inside apothecary jars, but bowls or clear candle vases would work too.Ā  The reason I choose apothecary jars (when displaying candy for more than a day) is because the lids keep it safe from bugs & sometimes, little hands.

Below are a few fun candy combinations I came up with, adding in some Easter accessories I already had, including a simple greeting card.Ā  I hope these ideas inspire you to consider this affordable option. šŸ™‚

1 Foil Bunny with Jelly Beans

s_foil bunny 2

2 Foil Bunnies with Foil Eggs

s_foil bunnies 2

3 White Chocolate Bunnies with Jelly Beans

s_white bunny 2

1 Chocolate Bunny with Jelly Beans

s_choc bunny 1

2 Chocolate Bunnies with Foil Eggs

(The smaller chocolate bunny is one of the foil covered bunnies, unwrapped)

s_choc bunnies 5

You could use even more candy to create a large, beautiful centerpiece for your Easter table.

The possibilities are endless so enjoy the creativity, and…




  1. Sandy Placek says:

    Eileen, I love your Easter ideas. Can also, be used for older children. A little candy and a gift card put in the jar.

    Sandy Placek

  2. Linda Duca says:

    Very good ideas! I just bought some of those tall jars and instead of putting the pasta in them right now, I’ll be putting in Easter grass and candy!!!! lol The pasta can wait!

  3. Cookie17 says:

    I’m glad there’s people like you to think things like you do because I’d never do it !!! Thank’s

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