“Spring-y” Easter Home & Garden Musical Video Tour
Written by on Monday, April 20th, 2015

A little late, but here it is… The Seasonal Home’s “Easter & Spring” Musical Tour!

You’re probably familiar with our Christmas Holiday Tour, but this is the first time I’ve

uploaded an Easter and Spring version on YouTube.

And in case you haven’t seen my Christmas videos yet,

you’ll find them by clicking on MY VIDEOS in the menu bar (located on the top of this page).

More firsts:

1)  The Seasonal Home’s garden is also featured

2)  I created the video using my phone’s camera (not as detailed as the professional camera my son uses at Christmas, but still pretty good!)

and 3) I edited it myself!

Of course, nothing is as magical as Christmas, but this is a close second, so…

Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. Donna says:

    Eileen, to say this is an extremely charming and inspiring video would be a tremendous understatement. I am in awe of your talent and can honestly say that I plan to borrow some of your ideas for my Spring/Summer decorating. Thank you so much for sharing your delightful home video. You really rocked it!

  2. Stella Hennis says:

    Beyond beautiful, and so incredibly relaxing to watch!

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