PoP-uP Fairy Garden (also, a great gift idea!)
Written by on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

If you haven’t heard of the latest gardening trend (Fairy Gardens),

it has gotten B-I-G!

The reason for its soaring popularity is because

it unleashes your imagination and is just plain FUN to create!!!

If you’ve been a Seasonal Home fan for a while,

you might remember the fairy garden I created inside a recycled broken wheelbarrow


I had so much fun creating my fairy garden & it continues to change with each year, season & holiday.

Fairy Gardens can be as simple or elaborate as you want,

and you don’t have to have a “special” container because they can be created inside pretty much anything!

Here’s some examples of containers you may already have ~


Rain or Whiskey Barrel


As part of Garden Wall Art

Inside Recycled Drawers…



Inside a Hanging Planter


Tucked inside a Book


As the Centerpiece of a Terrarium


Among flowers & plants in an old rusted wagon

metal bucket

In an Old Metal Bucket – maybe one with a hole in it!


Hidden inside a Lantern


You can also consider a “theme” for your Fairy Garden…





Then, there are also simpler ways to display your fairy accents…


Place a fairy on a branch!


Tuck a Fairy Accessory on part of a tree


Hang a Fairy Accent from a Tree Limb

So, look around your yard & inside your home to see if you have an “already available” spot ready

to welcome a small or large Fairy garden and unleash your inner child


create a little fun for someone else by placing a few Fairy items inside a basket to use

as a gift for Mother’s Day, a Birthday or a Holiday.

You’ll find fairies, gnomes & accents in gift shops, craft stores and

I even found an entire section in Wal-mart, so that will give you an idea of how BIG this trend has become…


Either way, I hope you find that you have a place for a PoP-uP Fairy Garden, to enjoy some creative fun.

And… check out how my Wheelbarrow Fairy now has a neighbor that just pOPpeD-uP (tucked between plants)

on The Seasonal Home’s patio…

photo 4   POTS_CLOSEUP 3




  1. Linda says:

    Love all the gardens. I bought a big fairy cottage {very heavy} and I’m going to use it as a center piece for my garden. You have given me some great ideas for it!! Thank you!!

  2. Cookie17 says:

    These are so cute I’ve seen them but cost lot where I seen then,I’m going wait until goes on sale Thank’s

  3. Pam says:

    Oh, Eileen, these are fantastic! So much fun! I got interested in Fairy Gardens a couple of years ago; the plant nursery not far from me had a few things; Fairy house gourds, teeny birdbaths and such, and I was hooked! It can get quite expensive, but I am learning to use what is on-hand and free, touches of paint, and I haunt yard sales for Fairy Garden treasures (or potential treasures!). I buy unfinished birdhouses from Michaels and paint them, use old bottle caps as stepping stones, sea glass from the dollar store for water features; endless possibilities. Thank you for the sweet new ideas!

  4. tonia conner says:

    too cute, Pinterest here I come. I will have one of these before the summer is out. I hope my flowers go with it as well as yours.

  5. Candy S says:

    You have some amazing fairy gardens. They are all lovely, I am especially taken with the galvanized tub garden and the wagon garden. They are all beautifully designed. I love working on my fairy gardens too. Keeping them in containers makes it so much easier to take care off.

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