There’s a New Wreath Trend!!! :)
Written by on Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

A few Christmases ago, I created this monogrammed wreath for The Seasonal Home’s front door…

peppermint wreath

and the following year, I recycled it to use above the fireplace.

S_fr_fireplace mantel

But, this year… I’ve noticed a simpler “single initial” version (representative of your last name) on front doors all over my neighborhood.

house with script font

house with framed initial

house with tnr font

They are apx. 16″ tall, lightweight and I’ve seen them with-or-without a frame around the initial (see photos below).

And, you can choose a pre-painted/finished, ready-to-hang & slightly more expensive version, like the ones below…

(typically found in gift & home stores).

initial with frame    unframed initial

or customize – an unpainted version (available on line or at most craft stores) – to coordinate with your decor.

~ Something to keep in mind ~

with the unpainted version, it’s much easier to repaint, to coordinate with different seasons & holidays!

Can’t you just picture this on top of your Christmas tree?

It would look great propped up on your mantel too, any time of year.

I simply “heart” versatile products!! 🙂

I have to admit, this new wreath trend is the perfect match to Summer’s lazy days

because it’s easy to create and although you can display it in a wreath,

it doesn’t require one… only a ribbon, to hang it by.

Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. Shulond Myer says:

    How do you secure the initials to the wreath?

    • Eileen says:

      The best 2 ways are to use floral wire or a pipe cleaner (a/k/a chenille stem). Enjoy the creativity Shulond! Eileen

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