Behind The Scenes Video Tour of The Seasonal Home’s Workshop + Storage Tips!
Written by on Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

The question I’m most frequently asked (by readers)

is WHERE & HOW I store all of The Seasonal Home’s holiday decorations, ornaments & seasonal accessories.

Because of my profession, I have more inventory than most people

but I keep it budget-friendly by sticking to mostly “traditional holiday basics”

and recycling them, over & over, to create new looks every year!


As a “Christmas in July” surprise for all of The Seasonal Home fans,

I have finally created a video featuring how my holiday collection is organized and stored,

with some added tips and tricks I have picked up over the years (15 as a professional designer, 30 as a  holiday collector.)

that will help you, no matter how small or large your holiday storage requirements are.


My Hope is that this video will inspire you with a few new organizational ideas and storage hacks

so your holiday decorating can be easier & more fun!

These ideas can be applied to any collection (Toys, Family keepsakes/photos, Craft or DIY supplies!)


Allow me to take you on a personalized tour

for a peek behind the scenes of where the magic is stored that becomes The Seasonal Home!

(by the way I’ve heard that it is not hoarding if it is organized 😉 LOL)

While you are there, be sure to note your favorite decoration(s) so you can suggest a future holiday theme for a chance to win

a Sweet Memories Display Tree by Hallmark!

Sweet Memories Display Tree by Hallmark

(One of the features in last years Christmas Tour Video)

 Here’s the “Behind the Scenes” Video Tour…. Enjoy the Creativity!


  1. Click on this link to head over to The Seasonal Home’s YOUTUBE channel and watch the “Behind The Scenes Tour”.
  2. CHOOSE your favorite decorations to come up with a suggestion of a future holiday theme for The Seasonal Home.   P.S. (An additional prize will be awarded to the lucky person who guesses The Seasonal Home’s 2015 holiday theme!)
  3. For valid entry, leave your holiday theme suggestion in the form of a COMMENT (below) on this blog post (please allow a little time for your COMMENT to post as there is a delay to avoid spammers). If you want 2 chances to win, also leave a COMMENT on the YOUTUBE video!


You will have until 12:00 A.M. (EST) on Friday Night (July 31, 2015 ) to leave your comments!


will be announced here and on all of The Seasonal Home’s Social Media on Monday, August 2, 2015.

We have a Grand Prize Winner (Winning Name Drawn is: Melinda Harrelson)

and 3 people guessed this year’s theme –  “The Nutcracker Suite”

(Horte, Nick Canjar & Cyndy Crotchfelt)

Winners, Please contact me via

to claim your prize.

And thank you to everyone for your wonderful “future theme” suggestions! 🙂

So, GO watch the VIDEO,

ENJOY peeking behind the scenes,

CHOOSE your favorite decoration(s),


SUGGEST your theme (via your comment on this post) to Enter!





  1. Linda A. says:

    Hi Eileen , Thx for sharing all those great tips .I think a teddy bear Christmas theme would be good. I think your theme for 2015 is Candyland Christmas .

  2. Linda Duca says:

    Love all your tips! Would love to see a penguin theme. I think your theme for this year is about Santa’s reindeer.

  3. Joanne Kennedy says:

    Love this video. What type of wrapping do you use on the Christmas trees. Where do you buy it? I want to do that this year to mine.

    I think your 2015 theme is going to be North Pole Santa’s helpers!

    I would love to see another snowman or Santa theme. I’m thinking of those this year but not sure which one to use. I really want to do the snowman so I can do the snow by the fireplace with SNOW written into it like you did. * was able to just score 75 fake snowballs for $10 today so I’m pretty sure I may go with that in the living room and then the Santa in the dining/kitchen area.

    Ohhhhh you got me so excited now! I j

  4. Joanne Kennedy says:

    Hmm looks like my post didn’t go through. Anyway, I think your video is wonderful. Really enjoyed seeing that and will be taking a lot of your tips to use this year. I do put mine in boxes and wrap everything. But I like the way you leave yours out. So much easier to put away and see what you have.

    I think your theme is going to be North Pole Santa’s Helpers.

    Would love to see a snowman theme again. I think I’m going to do that in the living room this year. I want to do the snow by the fireplace and write SNOW in it like you did. I just scored 75 fake snowballs today for only $10! Never to early to shop. LOL

    I think I’ll go with Santa in the dining/kitchen area.

    Can you tell me what type of wrap you use on your trees and where you get it. Would love to do it to my trees this year. I’m going to use a lot of your ideas to get my garage in order this year. THanks!

    • Joanne Kennedy says:

      opps forgot to tell you my favorite decoration are your gingerbread items. You have so many cute ones. I adore the one gingerbread man that says to Eat more candy canes.

  5. Janice says:

    I love how you organized everything! Your 2015 theme might be Winter Wonderland!

  6. Sandy Placek says:

    Hi Eileen, I really liked the video. Very interesting. I think you are going to use those new reindeer for this years theme. Maybe with Santa at the north pole.

    Sandy Placek

  7. Robin says:

    Eileen I think you have amazing ideas and grorgeous displays. And your organization of your Christmas items is awesome.thanks for the tips!!! For my personal preference I think you should do gingerbread/candy theme for Christmas….but I believe your theme will be winter wonderland. Especially if your gonna use that cute “snow” marque. Thanks again!!

  8. Marcia Goss says:

    WOW and WOW again. What great ideas. These I will share with friends–the wrapped trees and putting the pine cones in with them. We have one member who has over 40 trees that her son helps her decorate. I thought I was early decorating a lottery tree to raffle off for homeless vets-now I feel more inspired to finish it!!! Thank you so much for sharing your video and love your garage. When can I move in!!! LOL

  9. kimberly robson says:

    Great ORGANIZATION SKILLS just wish I had it. Maybe this year a grinch theme. Thanks for sharing all the good ideas.

  10. Susan Holland says:

    AMAZING! Sorry you will miss KC EVENT .

    Theme Christmas Candies

    • Eileen says:

      Thanks Susan and I hope you have a great time in KC. We’ll probably make the next one. 🙂 ♥ Eileen

  11. Loved the video. Wish I could get that organized. I can see a Nutcracker theme taking place

  12. Joyce Goode says:

    Thanks Eileen for sharing the storage of all your Christmas decorations. I only wish I had that much extra space to store my decorations.

    Sorry we won’t get to see you in Kansas City this year, you’ll be missed.


    • Eileen says:

      Aw, thank you Joyce. 🙂 I know, we were sad about not going to the convention, but will probably get to the next one. 🙂 Have a great time! ♥ Eileen

  13. melinda harrelson says:

    Hi Eileen! Awesome video! I love everything about Christmas including organizing. Unfortunately I have no “ground space” for storage so all of my 50 plus boxes are in the attic…talk about a chore getting them down and then back up…and yes they are labeled but…yes, they are also heavy! I use the drawer units in my craft/cake decorating/party decor/study room and it is sooooo convenient….what a dream to be able to walk into a room and have immediate access to all of my Christmas stuff!…”Dear Santa….lol….do you deliver storage units?” My favorite decor and themes are candyland/cupcakes/whimsical as well as snow/snowmen/wintry aquas and all things that sparkle!…… guessing your 2015 theme may be north pole/Santa workshop? Thanks so much for the video! What a nice fun Christmas in July surprise on a hot, humid Georgetown, South Carolina (coastal) day. 🙂

  14. Linda Campbell says:

    I just loved how you shared your Christmas organization video and how you can actually see what you have. What a wonderful use of clear rolling drawers. I think you are going to do a toy/Santa and his reindeer theme at the North Pole with lots of snow thrown in :). Also think you are going to use more traditional colors and skip the teals, pinks, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing your displays again this year with the video. Thank you for sharing your organizational tips for storing holiday decorations. Linda

  15. Nick Canjar says:

    Hi Eileen! I love your storage ideas!! My favorite decoration was actually all of the table top accent trees. A possible theme you could do in the future is Babes in toyland where you do a feature on all the different toys around Christmas such as toy soldiers, I think your theme for 2015 will be the nutcracker featuring all those awesome nutcracker ornaments you featured in the video.

  16. melinda harrelson says:


  17. Horte says:

    I know I’m late but please consider me, I know your theme is nutcrackers, you have new items in your stock, and they’re gorgeous LOL
    love to see your workshop

  18. Horte Gonzalez says:

    thank you so much!! Eileen, I was so excited to tell you my guess for this year, that I forgot to tell you my super favorite theme is gingerbread decor, and also your cupcake tree, I made my own version last year and my kids and hubby were very excited with the ideas, so thank you so much for sharing and all the inspiration and passion you put in all your home
    I’m your fan! LOL
    Horte Gonzalez

  19. Donna says:

    Eileen, can you tell us where you purchase your white plastic shelving that you put hard items on? And, about what should we expect to pay for one unit? And, where do you purchase your drawer units for fragile items that you color coordinate? I am sure you have checked at many places for these items, because you use so many. If we know pricing, we can plan better. I will have to budget for this! Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Donna, I find many of my storage items at yard sales and inherited some from friends. You may also want to take a peek on your local Craig’s List website. Honestly though… put the word out & you may be surprised at how soon you receive offers of freebies from friends, neighbors & relatives! 😉 And once people know you are working on a storage project, they know who to call when they are getting rid of these items. Otherwise, when I purchase brand new items, I typically check discount stores (Walmart, Target, Big Lots, etc.) and at DIY stores, when they are on sale. Buy the best you can afford to avoid purchasing bad quality unless all you plan to put on & in them are lightweight items. When I buy “new”, I try to keep drawer units less than $20 and shelving less than $40.
      I hope that helps you Donna! 🙂

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