Recycle to create a cute Halloween Decoration!
Written by on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015
Halloween is creeping closer
and this creative idea is coming to you from a long time fan of The Seasonal Home community.
Please help me welcome my very first “guest blogger”…. Stella Hennis!
Stella imagined a creative Halloween recycling project, using Pod/Pac Detergent Containers and
something tells me the container colors inspired her! 😉
Below are Stella’s photos as well as her D.I.Y. steps
demonstrating how you, too, can create her fun Halloween decoration.
Thank you Stella!
First, a little bit about our friend….
Stella Bio
  STEP 1.  Cut-off the labels from the pods/pacs detergent containers.  Clean, if needed.
Luckily, the labels are not “glued” on… how kind of the manufacturer! LOL
jug_label coming off
Another bit of luck…  my detergent brands come in orange & white containers… Halloween colors!
jug_label off
STEP 2.  Purchase funny face stickers and 1 set/20 orange lights (found both @ Dollar Tree) for each container created.
face stickers
light strand
STEP 3.  Carefully using an Exacto knife, cut an “X” in back of the container (near the bottom)
and spread the opening to widen it.
STEP 4.  Push a set of 20 orange Halloween lights into the container (thru your widened “X” opening).
jug_light insert
 STEP 5.  Adhere the funny face stickers to the front of the container.
You could also paint the lids, if desired, but they look fine from a distance, so why bother. 😉 LOL
jug_finished product
STEP 6.  Enjoy displaying your inexpensive, recycled Halloween decorations inside or out.
They look fabulous outside (at night) and are a happy way to greet & light the path for Trick-or-Treaters.
Imagine lining your entire walkway with these recycled cuties and a good way to recycle!

Great Job Stella!!!

 P.S.  If you would like to submit a creative idea, please send a brief description and photo (of the completed project) to:




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  1. Wanda says:

    That was a wonderful ideal and i will try to make this cute pumpkin one thing is for sure you always give some of your wonderful and beautiful ideals to make and to decorate keep them coming cause i will always be here to see what you will do next to make it so easy for me and different!

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