Halloween Theme: HOCUS POCUS Movie (Fan Tribute)
Written by on Monday, October 19th, 2015

SEE the YouTube VIDEO of this decor at the end of this blog post! 🙂

Allow me to transport you back to 1993

and a cult-classic Disney Movie

set in the late 1600’s & early 1990’s,

which you may already be a fan of…


This vintage Disney movie spotlights

3 character witches,

known as The Sanderson Sisters (Winifred, Sarah & Mary)

and starred

Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker & Kathy Najimy.

Here’s a movie trailer (from YouTube),

in case you haven’t seen it:

 It’s such a fun film, that I decided to make it this year’s Halloween theme!

And the idea began with the shape of a leftover, scrap piece of styrofoam,

which just-so-happened to look like a witches hat…

trust me, it doesn’t take much to trigger my imagination! 🙂 LOL

All I had to do is cut-out 2 more and

then, paint, glitter & personalize them (gluing-on 2 ribbons & stick-on letters) to represent

the 3 main (Witch) characters of this classic fantasy film…

how to_witches hat

I also found these 3 inexpensive ($5.99 ea.) upside-down “witch feet” (metal yard stakes).

Adding these to the hats, my black garland, a feather boa & 2 magic potion bottles

completed the mantel…

s_mantle 2

Then, it was on to the details,

which were all inspired by the movie set decoration.

First, I carved my own Jack-O-Lanterns to represent the movie’s title

and taped green tissue paper inside to diffuse the brightness of the inserted lights…


Here’s the steps I used, if you’d like to create your own custom Jack-O-Lanterns…

how to_pumpkins

I also glued the letter “b” to a small witches hat (from an old garland) and

added that, a ribbon collar & old Halloween (spider-web) lapel pin

to my black cat, which created the 4th main character from the move:


(formerly a teenager from 1693)

s_cat 3

Other fun touches I already had & added to help create this fan tribute:

Spell books, Cobwebs, Orange Stool (aged with black paint),

wobbly Candlelier (found on clearance because of being damaged)

more Magic Potion Bottles and faux Eyeballs (placed in one of my apothecary jars & used with a crow)…


s_crow 1

As well as black sticks that I combined, using a black zip tie, with a branch

(found outside & wrapped in glittered orange ribbon)

to create a Witches Broom.


Fans of The Seasonal Home have seen these black sticks before…

LR_tree top_r_s     LR_Halloween_FP_full 3_s
a misting Jack-O-Lantern…

s_pumpkin mister

Animated Face Candle, “Happy Hauntings” Lantern (with red food coloring drips added),

Dollar Store rubber Rats & a fan-photo of the 3 main witch characters

s_frame 1

Last but not least… inside the fireplace, I added my old Witches Cauldron

filled with Orange Halloween Lights, a few Skeleton Bones

and perched on top of lit Halloween Branches…

s_cauldron 2

Remember these lit branches from a previous design…

LR_fireplace 1

And here’s my FULL “fan tribute” design…

s_full fp

And if you’d like to see more detail, check out the YouTube video I created of this design…

Enjoy the SPOOKY Creativity!



  1. Shelly K. says:

    LOVE your theme this year! Hocus Pocus is a favorite here. As always, I’m in awe of your creativity.

  2. Horte Gonzalez says:

    I love your theme, last year we saw the movie for the 1st. time, my kids and I loved it, you really surprise me, you have the magic, and the broom is so perfect, but your cauldron really makes the atmosphere, love all your ideas, thanks for sharing.

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