DIY New Years “LIGHTED” Decoration & Quick Fireplace Makeover
Written by on Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching

which doesn’t leave much time for re-decorating, on the heels of Christmas.

So, I decided to just leave up my fireplace garland, wreath & farmhouse window

and simply change a few things around them to create a new look…

beginning with a homemade marquee sign!

To make the sign, I used a 12″ x 36″ x 1/2″ sheet of (styro) foam leftover from the boxful I received from

the generous folks at {FloraCraft®}.

If you decide to also create this sign, your craft store will have this sheet for around $9,

but if you bring in a coupon, your cost will be around $5.

I created the upcoming year (2016) with 11″ x 6″ numbers in Word Art

number word art     number in word

Printed each number & cut them out

s_numbers printed     number cut out

Laid each number out, side-by-side, on the sheet of styrofoam,

taking some measurements to ensure they were evenly spaced on a 1″ line

s_numbers laid out

Next, I traced around the “year” numbers, removed them & cut around the entire traced pattern,

keeping the 1″ bottom portion as part of the cut-out pattern (to hold the numbers together as one unit)

s_numbers outlined     s_numbers cut out

Then, my favorite thing… painting & glittering!

I used black paint AND black glitter

(HELPFUL HINT:  If you cannot find Design Master paint, you can use any black spray paint,

just be careful to hold it a minimum of 12″ away, to keep the styrofoam from disintegrating)

s_numbers paint and glitter     s_numbers painted

Next, to light up (or “Marquee”) my sign,

I took advantage of a post-Christmas sale at Walgreens

and picked up 4 boxes of multi-color, battery-operated LED light strands ($1.27 ea.).

I measured and evenly spaced tiny holes  in each number of my sign

and inserted the lights from the LED strands.

(HELPFUL HINT – the light layout process requires a little forethought to ensure the wires stay

as hidden as possible… kind of like a puzzle LOL)

s_numbers lighting     s_numbers being lit

And here’s how my homemade marquee sign turned out!

s_numbers lit closeup

Check out my fishing line hanging method! LOL

And I love how I can leave the lights turned off until midnight

and they even have an optional “twinkle” function to create a fun, party atmosphere for my gettogether!

Here’s a fun filmstrip graphic if you want to share it on your Pinterest page…


And check out how taking away a few Christmas decorations in exchange for some balloons, party hats & blowers,

mixed in with my New Years decorations (you’ve seen these before! LOL),

took the fireplace decor from Christmas…

s_FR_fireplace full

to a festive New Year’s design…

s_wreath_closeup 2

s_fireplace NYE

I hope you have a wonderful, safe & happy 2016

and I’ll try to keep the ideas coming. 🙂




  1. Horte Gonzalez says:

    Wow, your ideas!, I love the fire place, great idea the marquee, and love the wreath too, every thing is so beautiful thanks for sharing, still your fan, you work so much.
    Happy new year, from texas at my mom’s

    • Horte Gonzalez says:

      Eileen, when is the Dillars sale Dec 26, or after new year? and where are you going this year for christmas sale?

      • Eileen says:

        Hi Horte,

        I recently realized that my response to your comment never posted. Dillard’s sale is on New Year’s Day, but they go 90% off this week I believe. I did go but didn’t buy as much this year. Just the black/red plaid ornaments & 1 Santa. How about you?

        Happy New Year!

    • Eileen says:

      Thank you Horte! ♥

  2. Laura Marec says:

    Gorgeous wreaths, and thanks for the tutorial!
    Please may I ask you where I could find the clock or pocket watch ornaments on the New Years wreath. I can’t find any even remotely close. Thank you so much!
    Happy New Year!

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Laura,

      I found those ornaments at Dillard’s Dept. Store, a few years ago after Christmas. But I still did a quick search for you on the internet where I found similar ones. Maybe some of them will catch your eye…

      Also, you could print out clock faces, roll them up and slide them inside the clear, flatter ornaments Michael’s Craft Stores carry almost year round now, but definitely at Christmas. Then, with a pencil, ink pen, etc., reach inside to unroll them so they show through the clear front of the ornament, repeating the process if you want the same image to show on both sides of the ornament. Of course, the easiest would be to glue the clock face images to a round piece of cardboard or old CD… voila’, instant ornament! 🙂

      I’d love to see your design when it’s finished! Thanks, Eileen

      • Laura Marec says:

        Dear Eileen,
        Thank you so much for your replies and for the great ideas and tips! You have a very creative talent!
        May this year bring you many Blessings, continued Good Health, and Prosperity!

  3. Sharon says:

    Beautiful mantel, and I love your 2016 lights! Such a fun, festive idea!

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