Furniture Shopping 101… the Tale of the Table
Written by on Saturday, May 21st, 2016

Have you ever wanted a new piece of furniture

in a specific size, for a specific place in your home?

Well, I recently had that “need” also and spent many weekends looking for a console table

for the area under my kitchen window, between the black cabinets.

Although it looks just fine “as is”, I’ve had my black wrought iron bench there for a while and wanted something different

so this is the “Tale of the Table”.

And in the end, you’ll see why I am sharing it

because as always.. it’s about sharing ideas to inspire you and keep you on budget!


I could only find a holiday photo to show you… time to start taking more “everyday” shots I guess. :-/

Recently (probably thanks to something I saw on addictive Pinterest! LOL),

I found myself wanting the coziness & warmth of a lamp (on a table) and later in the year,

a place for a tabletop Christmas tree.

{are you surprised to learn that I think that far ahead?! 😉 }

Anyway, my imagination’s wish is my command,

so the hunt was on!

I went through furniture stores, thrift shops, reclaimed/up-cycle boutiques and yard sales and

here’s what I learned (the “101” part) about why console tables are such a hot commodity:

But, I also learned that it’s really hard to find just the right table.

Everything came close, but there was something wrong (height, length, design, etc.) with each one.

And it got to the point where I felt as though I would be settling… and for a huge price tag!

SOOOO, I did what I always do when I’m “design-stuck” and started


After looking around, I decided to try the table behind my Living room sofa.

First, however, I had to convince someone to help me move it after I had taken everything off of it.

Then, if it didn’t look good in the new spot, carry it back.

On the other hand… even worse… if it DID work out,

more steps would be involved:

  1. carry a table from somewhere else to replace the one I removed from behind the sofa
  2. carry the bench to replace that table

This was getting complicated and…

you know how it is when you require the help of an “un-interested other party”(ha ha),

especially when “his” favorite team is on T.V. AND even worse… if all of this moving mess doesn’t result in success… eek!

I was taking a chance, and it almost worked.

The table was almost the perfect height, width & depth but needed a little more girth all the way around.

Just then, I remembered a spare counter top I had.

I know that’s a weird thing to possess, so let me explain…

When I first renovated my kitchen in ’04, the designer talked me into installing a very skinny island.

Here’s that original design:

pantry area

I’m sure you’ll agree… it was too small.

Anyway, I eventually replaced it with a larger, more functional island and used the original

on a nearby wall, where the designer had talked me into having a desk.

Once, I realized I wasn’t using the desk,

it was replaced with the “skinny island”, which was extended with more cabinets.

Here’s how that turned out:

kitchen bar

So, to the horror of many, I kept the original “skinny island” counter-top because

I love to recycle and thought it could be very useful (on top of something) as an outdoor table.

Little did I know – I might be using it INside! ha ha

And as hoped, it fit perfectly on top of my own console table & gave it just the right amount of

width, length & depth I was looking for.

And because it’s formica, it’s water & heat-proof so it’s a perfect side bar for food or beverages.

Here’s the cozy, finished look:

table and cabs


I’m super pleased with myself for thinking outside the box

and making a zero-cost, shop-at-home purchase.

And as promised… the purpose of sharing this furniture ordeal is to (hopefully) inspire you

to look around your own house to see what “zero-cost” changes you could create, just by moving your own things around.

I think we all can agree that it’s super-satisfying to save money, yet still enjoy having something (kinda) new & different in your home.

Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. Melinda Harrelson says:

    Hey girl….. Good job on the “re-arrange”! I shop my own house and attic also….. and run into equally challenging episodes with “totally uninterested” helpers….. Lol So, I feel your pain! Haha! 😄. But you made a good choice and aren’t you glad you held onto that counter top ” just in case “……. Yeah, that’s another thing I’m guilty of. I can hear my crew now…. “….and you’re saving that WHY?” 👏👏👏😎. I am currently in wedding project mode so the current state of my surroundings is chaos plus flower shop… Lol…I am creating all of the arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres for our “bonus son (not ours but he has lived with us for years) and future bonus daughter in law” ! So I am up to my neck in gorgeous silk flowers and just finished her beautiful bouquet. Makes me smile! 💐 Looking forward to your upcoming Christmas video…… Yeah, I know, it’s only May but is it ever to early to start planning Christmas? Lol ….. Have a wonderful day!

    • Eileen says:

      Thanks Melinda! 😀 Sounds like you are a busy girl right now. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. They’re blessed to have someone so wonderfully creative handling their flowers!!

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