One of My Christmas Designing Secrets Revealed!
Written by on Thursday, October 20th, 2016

So often, I’m asked to explain how I create my Christmas designs.

And because I’m in the middle of working on that right now, it’s the perfect time to share one of my secrets with you,

in the hope that it will help you with your own Christmas decorating in the coming months.

I begin by visualizing a theme.

Changing themes helps me re-shuffle my own decorations to use them in new & different combinations every year.

And many times, I’ll fall in love again with an old decoration because it’s relevant to my new theme! LOL

Once I have a theme (like this year’s… “The Colors of Christmas”),

I pull out at least one of several different decorations or design elements I already own

& think might work together to create that theme; then, add and/or subtract items until I’m happy with the look.

This year’s theme is making this process super simple because I’m simply pulling out items with “like colors” (YAY!)

Then, once I have a design palette to go by,

I take a photo of it (similar to the one below) so I have a snapshot, for future reference, once I start decorating.

This design process not only saves me time (later),

but also money because it reveals exactly what (if any) additional design elements I need to complete the look.

And having this information early also helps to create a “specific” shopping list

so I can watch for sales (on those items) while the stores have plenty of inventory.

Although my process requires a little bit of extra work ahead of time & possibly a little early digging in your storage,

I think you might be pleasantly surprised at the unexpected benefits.

Mainly, you’ll probably find that you already own many things that go together just by switching them out to create a specific look.

And that alone will save you money every year!


The color “Green”, part of my 2016 “Colors of Christmas” theme




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