DIY Flower Arrangements for Store-Bought Blooms this Winter

Creating a beautiful floral arrangement from scratch is an art that can be elevated with the addition of fresh greenery. 

The presence of lush foliage not only complements the blooms but also provides a polished and professional touch. Below, you’ll find a selection of favorite arrangements for your store-bought flowers.

Poinsettia Centerpiece

A huge poinsettia commands attention within this arrangement, while fir sprigs and hypericum stems provide a supportive backdrop. 

Incorporating a floral frog (or crafting one from chicken wire) lends support to your main bloom, placing it front and center. The space behind the poinsettia is then filled in with additional stems.

Red Floral Arrangement

This collection of monochromatic blooms is destined to captivate attention. For this one, you want to Create a floral framework using chicken wire or insert floral foam tailored to your chosen container. 

For a more refined event, consider urn-shaped receptacles. Begin by trimming stems at an angle, placing a selection of the largest blossoms to establish the arrangement’s foundation. Introduce greenery and additional substantial flowers, followed by smaller blooms to fill any gaps.

Vintage-Inspired Arrangement

The secret to a curated centerpiece lies in the use of assorted glassware. You can achieve this by partially filling each glass with water, then trimming the stems of your chosen flowers and inserting one stem per glass. 

If you’re looking for a dynamic arrangement, combine red carnations, white roses, green spider mums, evergreen, and eucalyptus sprigs.

Ornamental Arrangement

Begin by fashioning a floral scaffold using chicken wire shaped to fit your container. Commencing from the center of the container, gently insert trimmed stems into the framework, culminating with shorter stems arranged around the container’s periphery. 

Our ensemble featured green spider mums, white carnations, green hypericum, and bells of Ireland. Elevate the arrangement with the addition of green ornaments affixed to floral picks.

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