Exploring the Early Charm of Christmas Decorations

Our approach to holiday decorating has always been “the earlier, the merrier.” This means we begin our Christmas decorations well ahead of planning the Thanksgiving menu. 

If you’ve ever questioned this timing, you might want to think again this year. After all, scientists suggest that decking the halls for the holidays can actually boost your happiness. So, why not kickstart the festivities as early as possible?

Well, if you’re still not convinced, here are some reasons why you should start putting up Christmas decors as early as you want:

It Can Impress Your Neighbors

According to a study, individuals who were shown pictures of houses tended to rate the occupants of a home with Christmas decorations as friendlier and more sociable compared to homes without any decorations. 

The decorated houses were perceived as more welcoming and open, even if the residents didn’t interact extensively with their neighbors. This finding aligns well with common sense. 

When everyone in the neighborhood decorates their homes and you participate too, it cultivates a feeling of community. So, don’t hesitate to show off your Christmas wreaths proudly and perhaps bring some early holiday joy to the family next door with surprise cookies.

It Might Improve Your Mood

According to insights from multiple psychotherapists, Christmas decorations tend to evoke feelings of nostalgia and the enthusiasm we experienced during childhood. 

Even if these emotions are tinged with sadness due to the loss of a loved one, decorating can serve as a means to reconnect with positive memories of that friend or family member.

It Lets You Display Your DIYs

You might have a bunch of Christmas decoration ideas saved up, but it’s a good idea to avoid rushing to glue and paint everything the night before your guests arrive. 

Start by crafting a wreath, embellishing ornaments for the annual exchange, and organizing a Christmas card display before the flood of holiday mail arrives. 

You Get to Spend Time with Your Family More

To ensure you have a chance to savor the moment with your family before the chaos takes over, make sure to allocate time for Christmas decorating ahead of time. This way, you can unwind and fully relish the experience. 

Opt for a collaborative activity that you can engage in together. It can be about crafting a delightful gingerbread house or creating simple DIY ornaments that are kid-friendly.

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