Unveiling the Top Halloween Decor Trends of 2022

With Halloween night approaching in a matter of weeks, preparations for holiday decorations are in full swing. 

The Halloween trend report by the National Retail Federation revealed Americans invest billions of dollars in Halloween merchandise. Surprisingly, this year, there’s a shift in consumer spending, with more money being allocated to Halloween decorations compared to costumes, pumpkins, and party supplies. 

So, if you’re planning to indulge in new eerie embellishments, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the following trends:

Plant Pumpkins

The trend of houseplants has infiltrated holiday decorations, introducing plant-themed pumpkins as a creative option. 

In a departure from the usual eerie visages, consider carving monstera leaves, succulents, cacti, or floral motifs onto your pumpkins. 

This novel approach creates a stunning presentation on your front porch, minus the need for watering. To kickstart your carving journey, a variety of complimentary pumpkin stencils are available to assist you.

Massive Decorations

There are lots of larger-than-life Halloween embellishments in the spotlight this year. There’s the colossal skeleton that has sparked a trend of oversized elements, encompassing enormous flying bats and imitation spiders with dimensions rivaling that of a young child. 

If Skelly is unavailable in your vicinity or you’re aiming to elevate your decor game, you can go for DIY oversized Halloween decorations instead.

Pink Décor

Ditch the usual orange and black color scheme and infuse your seasonal decor with shades of pink instead. 

Pink-themed Halloween decorations are making waves on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram this year, and these rosy touches offer a playful twist to complement your current items. 

Transform your existing faux pumpkins by painting them in vibrant bubblegum pink (ideal for those embracing the Barbiecore trend) or introduce muted mauve tones for a more understated effect.

Vintage Décor

The emergence of nostalgia over the past few years has resulted in the resurgence of vintage Halloween decor. 

From glass pumpkins reminiscent of the ’70s to iconic ’90s decorations, the charm of old-school Halloween embellishments is currently in vogue. The added bonus is that you might not even need to invest money to embrace this trend.

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