7 Ideas to Brighten and Freshen Your Home for Spring

Embrace the arrival of spring with a home makeover. We’ve gathered our top spring decorating ideas to guide you in transitioning your space for the season. 

Let’s get started!

Floral Wallpapers

Liven up your bedroom with vibrant floral wallpaper. The bold patterns of the wallpaper simplify decorating the rest of your room by establishing a central focus and offering a color palette to work with. 

Curtains in a peachy hue, sheets in a soft blush tone, and an array of pink throw pillows bring the entire space together harmoniously.

Neutral Dining Space

Embrace spring decor without using pastels or vivid colors. Using this idea, you can achieve a tranquil atmosphere through natural textures, artificial plants, and subtle green chairs, all without overpowering the space with color. 

The presence of a vintage botanical wall print also pays homage to nature’s beauty.

Bathroom Wallpapers

Neutral floral patterns are wonderfully adaptable, making them perfect for lasting design elements such as classic wallpaper or furniture upholstery. 

In this instance, you can use a black-and-white floral pattern to capture the essence of spring, and then complement it with a vase of vibrant yellow flowers. As the seasons shift, you can effortlessly update the space for summer or fall by changing out accessories.

Floral Prints

While floral prints might appear conventional for spring decor, there are numerous ways to integrate botanical patterns that suit any design preference. 

In this example, you can place a deer painting to impart a countryside cottage charm to a floral headboard and leaf-patterned throw pillows. This showcases how floral elements can harmonize with various design styles.

Pink Tones

Soft pink shades bring to mind the blossoming of spring and the whimsy of Easter bunny ears. This hue infuses the living room with a comfortable, laid-back ambiance that doesn’t become overly sugary. 

With walls in a blush hue, a warm pink blanket, and a vase filled with fresh lilies, the delightful color scheme flows harmoniously throughout the space.

White Dining Space

Perfect for gatherings in late spring, this dining area draws inspiration from the coastal style. The generous windows infuse the room with brightness and an open feel, while the gentle, neutral textures on the throw pillows ensure coziness on the breakfast nook bench. 

An indoor tree with leafy foliage brings in the outdoor greenery, and a rattan pendant light introduces texture, diversifying the primarily white space.

Lively Entryway

Adorned with sky-blue walls and vibrant throw pillows, this inviting entryway is all set to greet spring guests. Functional decorative hooks are in place for the essentials needed when dashing out during spring rain. 

A modest metallic shelf provides space for a charming vase filled with freshly picked flowers. For a daring touch, contemplate painting your front door—a peachy hue like this is an excellent choice for the warmer months.

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