Update Your Space with the Dark Academia Style for the Upcoming Fall Season

While you might not be returning to school this year, you can still enjoy the seasonal excitement that fall brings

Dark academia, an interior design style known for its moody and mysterious vibe, remains popular this season. This style is particularly appealing to those who resonate with the idea of being “gifted.” 

In case you’re wondering, the style involves rich, deep colors, vintage décor, lush green plants, and the iconic floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. It offers a cozy yet bold atmosphere suitable for various settings. 

While the concept isn’t new, we’ve compiled a few ideas that are perfect for the upcoming autumn season to give your space a touch of dark academia.

Introduce a Bit of Greenery

You might not immediately think of adding fresh houseplants and greenery to achieve the library-like dark academia style, but crawling vines and leafy potted plants actually blend wonderfully with this aesthetic. 

The green color contrasts beautifully against dark walls, brown leather furniture, or neutral tones like whites and grays.

You could try draping long vines amidst vintage gold picture frames on a gallery wall, or coordinate shades of green with other accessories or paint choices. For a more enchanting touch, you can showcase your favorite plants in terrariums or glass covers resembling cloches.

Sprinkle Some Antiques

Essential to the dark academia style is dark and rich wooden furniture, which brings together the understated color scheme. 

The intricate and dramatic designs of these wooden pieces are less common in modern furniture, so discovering them might require some effort and visits to antique stores. 

Yet, once you uncover that ideal mahogany desk, coffee table, or bookshelf, your room will quickly take shape. Besides, these pieces harmonize well with subdued greens, blues, and reds, crafting a timeless color palette.

Don’t Forget Books

When embracing this interior design style, a key aspect you should never forget is books. 

Books are central to the dark academia vibe, serving more than just reading purposes. Whether through shelving units, display cases, or artfully disheveled stacks on the floor, books seamlessly complete the look.

Highlight your cherished books – especially if they align with the room’s color scheme – by elevating them with bookstore-inspired stands or arranging them in outward-facing stacks. 

While there are numerous approaches to styling a bookcase, infusing it with elements of dark academia style can truly make it the standout centerpiece.

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